Friday, February 8, 2013

eBay XSS vulnerability

How about finding a vulnerability in the biggest online marketplace in world?

When searching on eBay I found out that it's possible execute a XSS vulnerability on their job search section.

Proof of concept:
On Ebay Careers, you clicked on the Search Openings and on the Requisition No. you wrote the XSS vector:
<img src=x onerror=prompt("xss");> 

Clicked Search. The following screen doesn't execute the XSS but when you click:
?more would open a new window with the XSS executing.

This issue has been fixed and some pages removed.

I want to thank eBay security team for the fast reply and putting me on their Security Researchers Acknowledgment page. By the way, I'm the first portuguese guy in the list...

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